Mate VS Coffee: What are the differences and the similarities?

Mate is a traditional drink from South America recognized for its many health benefits: energizing, rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

This drink, often compared to coffee, has similarities with coffee. However, it has many differences that make it a sustainable alternative to coffee.

1. Mate VS Coffee: The Similarities Between Coffee and Mate

Mate and coffee are two beverages widely consumed around the world and both contain caffeine. A mate brewed in a cup provides about 80 mg of caffeine, slightly less than a coffee (80 mg to 180 mg).

Mate has an energizing power just like coffee, however, it has many differences that make it a sustainable alternative to coffee.

2. Mate VS Coffee: The differences between mate and coffee

Both coffee and mate have an energizing effect, however coffee has disadvantages that mate does not.

Any coffee consumer has already felt the side effects of it, namely: nervousness, excitement, palpitations or heartburn. This is mainly due to the caffeine and acidity present in coffee. Its undesirable effects are notably linked to the very rapid release of caffeine in the body.

Mate also has caffeine (a physical stimulant), however it is released gradually in the body, which allows it not to have the undesirable effects of coffee.

Mate also has Xanthine (cerebral stimulant). This drink therefore has a stimulating role to fight against mental and physical fatigue, it also helps to increase concentration and alertness.

Caffeine and Xanthine combined with polyphenols allow mate to not have the side effects of coffee! Mate awakens the body and mind by providing you with the necessary energy and guarantees peace and tranquility.

In the long term, mate has many virtues:

A regulation of cholesterol levels thanks to a good balance between good and bad cholesterol

A beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system

Helps fight against respiratory problems thanks to the polyphenols present

Allows good hydration of the body

Mate is very rich in vitamins, especially B1 and B2, it contains antioxidants, magnesium, iron and amino acids. It helps strengthen the body and is considered a super food.

3. Mate VS Coffee: What are the differences in taste?

Coffee and mate therefore have similarities but also many differences, which make mate a real alternative.

However, what about the taste?

Mate has a taste similar to that of tea. At El Mathe, we offer many recipes with various tastes, in order to offer you an optimal experience.

We will remember that mate has more health benefits than coffee. Do you want to discover mate? Thanks to our wide choice of mate, you will dive into the unique world of mate and benefit from the natural benefits of this drink!

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