Yerba Orange – 250g


  • Taste : Fragrant and fruity
  • Excellent in hot or iced mate
  • Consumption : Traditional or infuser
  • Ideal for : Beginners


Our “orange yerba” combines the intense, herbaceous flavor of yerba mate with the milder aroma of fresh orange juice. The delicate notes of juice and orange peel will give you a feeling of freshness as soon as you open the sachet. All of our recipes are developed in-house and the ingredients in our orange mate are organic and contain no artificial flavors.

Ingredients: yerba mate, natural orange flavor, vitamins and zinc.


In order to take full advantage of the virtues of the organic mate range, El Mathe advises you to respect three sacred rules: an adapted dosage, a water at a perfect temperature (never boiling!) and the infusion time. 🙂

  • Quantity of water: 20 cl – 1L
  • Quantity of mate : 30 grams
  • Ideal temperature: 70 to 80 degrees
  • Infusion time : 7 minutes mild / 10 minutes strong

You can infuse your mate several times throughout the day. According to the traditional method, you have to refill the calabash with hot water each time it is empty, thanks to a thermos.

Enjoy the tasting!


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