Top 4 methods to reduce the bitterness of mate

The bitterness of mate can repel many new followers attracted by its virtues. However, there are methods to reduce the bitterness of the preparation.

We will see through this article what is the origin of the bitterness of mate? And how to sweeten mate?

  1. Choosing the Right Yerba Mate

Every yerba is different. These differences come from a multitude of factors such as cultivation method, altitude, sunshine, growing time, type of soil, etc. These differences will impact the degree of bitterness, the level of sweetness and therefore the final flavor of the infusion.

  • Take the time to prepare your mate

The method of preparation of mate has a significant impact on the level of bitterness of your preparation. Indeed, a poorly prepared yerba can quickly become strongly bitter, making the drink almost undrinkable.

Here are the points you need to pay close attention to:

  • The infusion temperature (max 80°)
  • Brewing time
  • The preparation of the calabash

If you prepare your yerba in a calabash, its bitterness is expressed differently. The quantity of herb infused is greater, it will then be necessary to have the right method of preparation so that the infusion is done gradually.

For comparison, if you prepare 30g of coffee for a 5cl cup, your coffee will be very tight and very bitter.

  • Lower the water temperature

The infusion temperature of the water is a determining point. Too hot water will have the effect of burning the leaves and thus release a stronger bitterness. The hotter the water, the more bitter your drink will be.

We advise not to exceed a temperature of 80°C. When the water starts to simmer, it’s a sign that the water is up to temperature!

You can of course adjust this temperature to your liking.

  • Sweeten your mate

In addition to the water temperature, the infusion time and the preparation, you can sweeten your drink with sugar or with honey.

Simply add a dose of honey or sugar to your liking directly in your calabash or in hot water. There are those who add the sugar in the well and those who deposit it on the leaves! It’s up to you to choose 😊

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